Heavy Tumbler


    When we set out to make this glass, we knew who we were making it for.


    The off-world galactic pilot, savoring that whisky on ice.

    But designing not just another rocks glass is about the perversion of form.

    We had to push it to excite not just you, but us.

    And so every element, each curve, edge, angle, and facet of this glass was meticulously considered over two years of development.


You don’t spend two years making just another glass; you spend it making the absolute, nonpareil, heaviest tumbler you can. The single old fashioned size weighs 500 grams; the double old fashioned size weighs over 800 grams.

details inside and out

Muddling Chevrons

The inner base hosts a specially developed multi-chevron cross-shaped extrusion, engineered to grip ingredients during the muddling process.

Compass Base

Turn the glass upside down, and the three-dimensional surface of the bottom reveals itself as a jewel-like compass, guiding you, fellow whisky traveler to your true north.

Color your whisky

Also available in a transparent smokey grey or opaque black with mirrored interior. Who says your glass needs to be clear?

Rauk Heavy Tumbler From $77